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Enterprise IT is undergoing a fundamental transformation with more and more enterprise technology moving from an enterprise's own infrastructure and platforms to the cloud. Cloud computing has moved into the mainstream of enterprise computing as large enterprises such as Japan Post, Dell, Starbucks, Cisco, and Flextronics realize quantifiable cost savings, superior time-to-value and rapid innovation by adopting cloud computing.

Given the potential benefits, enterprises of all sizes are looking to accelerate their adoption of the cloud. However, cloud computing is a new model for consuming and delivering IT, and therefore raises some new questions.

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Jaladi has a network of successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives with extensive expertise in building, shaping and growing companies.

Access to this expertise is often transformational for clients and portfolio companies. We have helped clients to: build customer pipelines; develop profitable route-to-market strategies; launch in new markets; open sales channels and secure customers; and enter strategic partnerships. We aim to be a revenue centre for our clients.